Who We Are

For more than twenty years SambaSafety has lead the charge to protect businesses and improve driver safety. Ultimately making our communities safer.

Our Mission

Transforming data into action to protect businesses and communities from driver and mobility risk

Our Core Values

Impact, Teamwork, and Accountability

About SambaSafety

Since 1998, SambaSafety® has been the pioneer and leading provider of driver risk management software in North America. Our mission is to guide our customers including employers, fleet managers and insurance providers to make the right decision at the right time. By collecting, correlating and analyzing motor vehicle records (MVRs) and other data sources, we identify driver risk and enable our customers to modify their drivers’ behavior, reduce accidents, ensure compliance, and lower costs — ultimately improving driver and community safety.

SambaSafety works in partnership with State governments and other third-party information providers to acquire, process, and report critical driver information. Our patented data technology allows customers to filter irrelevant data, receiving actionable information to make quicker and better driver risk management decisions.

In August 2012, SambaSafety acquired American Driving Records, Inc, and Softech International in 2014.


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