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Driver Monitoring – Myth vs. Reality

Driver Monitoring: Myth vs. Reality Busting three common driver risk management myths that could put your business at risk Despite what the myriad of industry experts might tell you, driver monitoring programs and technologies are not all created equal. In fact, this...

DS Services: Reducing Driver Turnover

73% Success Rate for Driver Interventions Similar to most organizations, DS Services recognizes its employees are valuable assets, therefore management wants to ensure they hire talent that reflects similar values. At the same time, DS Services must put its safety...

Top 3 Pro Tips to Manage Your Driver Data

  I became fascinated with the power of managing data back in 1980 when I worked for the Wall Street Journal—a publication that was built from its founding to distill complex business information and turn it into actionable intelligence for investors. I became...

Trucking Moves America

Very proud to be named to the Executive Committee of this tremendous organization supporting America's Trucking Industry TMAF 2018 Press Call Press Release FINAL

Happy Anniversary FMCSA – Meet The Parents

Happy February everybody, and Happy Anniversary! Its been exactly 6 months (August 1 - Feb 1) since FMCSA launched their 24 month Crash Preventability Demonstration Program to see what impact it would have if FMCSA reviewed DOT Record-able crashes and made...

Motor Carrier Survey – for MC&E

Hello everyone, Our biggest annual event is upon us.  The American Trucking Assn’s Management Conference and Exhibition (MCE) starts tomorrow in Orlando, FL.  On Sunday morning, I will be participating in a panel discussion of the changes to CSA that have been...

CSA Reform Status – Vigillo Comments

PDF Version Here  IMPROVING MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY MEASUREMENT Panel on the Review of the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) Program of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Initial Comments by Steve Bryan, President & Founder of Vigillo, A...

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