Managing the Driver Lifecycle

The Challenge

Safety issues led to DOT audit

A Top 5 food distribution company was not identifying drivers who had invalid licenses. Even the drivers were often unaware their licenses had been suspended. This was costing the company thousands in out-of-service order expenses and fines. It also prompted a Department of Transportation audit for exceeding the safety threshold, which created great expense in the form of personnel, time and monetary loss. The safety issues and DOT audit heightened the company’s concern of exposure to additional legal risks.

“SambaSafety identified drivers with invalid licenses – saving thousands of dollars in costs and potentially millions in negligent entrustment lawsuits.”

The Solution

Close Visibility Gaps and Optimize MVR Spend

SambaSafety completed a comprehensive review and identified visibility gaps in the customer’s qualification and compliance processes. Together with a strategic partner, the company’s background screener, SambaSafety began to monitor drivers for negative changes to license status. They also updated drivers’ qualification files and verified certification activity at the end of each given year – effectively managing the complete driver lifecycles of the employees.

The Results

Improved Safety to Avoid the Next Major Accident

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256 at-risk drivers were identified on Day 1, of service


Avoided $2.56 million in estimated costs from unsafe driving– Avoided $2.56 million in estimated costs from unsafe driving


Accident-prone drivers Identified and removed from the wheel, leading to decreased accident rates

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